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syellow.gif (1202 bytes)What we do

Alice's WebWorks designs and develops websites for organizations (e.g., businesses, clubs, nonprofit groups) and individuals (e.g., consultants, professionals). We work closely with our clients and if they wish, they can do some of the work themselves. Because we don't offer hosting services, we are free to recommend services that are appropriate for each client. We can handle all the technical details for our clients. Our typical websites are between 5 and 20 pages in size.

In order to "meet expectations", we need to make sure that our clients' expectations are realistic for their resources and our abilities. In order to accomplish this, we ask our potential clients to start with a "WebConsult" which will be useful even if the decision is to seek another developer or to develop the web in-house. If a client already has a website, our consulting sessions will allow us to decide together whether it can be enhanced and extended, or whether a redesign is advisable.

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syellow.gif (1202 bytes)How we work with you


Our web development process is different for each client. It is always modular. Here is how a typical larger WebWorks project might go:

  1. You contact us by telephone. If you get voicemail, please leave a brief message with your name, your area code and phone number, and a good time for us to call you.
  2. We have a conversation to determine where you are with respect to a website. In this conversation, we both decide if you are a good candidate for our services.
  3. If you seem to be a good candidate, our first step will be to meet for a WebConsult. If needed, we will have several consulting sessions. Our consulting will give us the major requirements that will guide design and development decisions.
  4. Typically, from those requirements, we will create an initial structure for the website. This usually includes an online sketch of the homepage, a site map, and possibly a few detail pages. Generally, only a few graphics will be used.
  5. You will accept or modify the structural design.
  6. This structural design defines the scope of the web we will develop. It defines what is in and what is out. It will allow us to rough out a schedule for the rest of the work and to chose an appropriate hosting service.
  7. Next, we will concentrate on graphic design. We'll plan graphics, colors, layout, and content styles.
  8. You will accept or modify the graphic design which we show as the homepage and some sample detail pages.
  9. Using templates and style rules that make work efficient, we will include your content (text, images, multimedia) or produce it for you. In addition, we will produce any code that is needed.
  10. If either of us feel it is necessary, we will have some checkpoints during the development process so we have approval to continue. Usually, these checkpoints are also "payment points".
  11. When the website is complete, we will make it available for testing and comments. While the testing is going on, we will work with you to create good descriptions and keywords to describe your site to search engines. Together, we will decide which search engines you want to submit to, and whether we will do the submissions or you will.
  12. When we both agree that testing is complete and you accept the site, we will publish the site. You own the site and control it once payment is complete.
  13. Submission to search engines is done after the site is published and we usually price it separately.


Generally, you pay for our website development in several agreed-upon fixed payments, each made before a particular phase of work starts. It is entirely possible and feasible to pay us for the design and hire someone else for the development, testing, and publishing phase. If you already have a design, we will still start with a separately priced WebConsult session in which we will probably review your design.

A typical payment schedule would be:


Our working style is friendly and informal, but disciplined. Once the development plan is defined, we want to act quickly. We will want to make sure that the project does not linger on forever. To deliver your website in an agreed upon timeframe, we will need your commitment to communicate with us when we need to communicate. We enjoy working with clients who want to be involved with their websites and bend over backwards if there is frank communication and a willingness to learn. To meet your expectations, we will ask you to make yourself available in a timely fashion for any questions we might have (usually few and short). Basically, we seek to work as partners with you, not as contractors or temporary employees. If you make good use of that aspect of our style, you will get very good value for your money and enjoy the web development process.

Because we do a lot of up-front planning, the need for contact with you should be minimal. However, in our experience, clients who don't respond quickly is one of the things that causes the most aggravation and problems with successful delivery of a website. If there is a snag or question, whole days of productive time can be wasted for lack of a 5-minute conversation.

Because we are a sole-proprietor business, we will minimize your risk by making sure that a trusted colleague is aware of the project. We will inform you who the person is and you will not need to contact them unless there is an unforeseen emergency that makes us unavailable. We will, of course, not share any proprietary information or passwords.

If the website is a "back burner" kind of project for you, we might be able to help you with a project plan, but we might not be the right developer for you. However, if you commit to being available, we can produce a site in a very short time. You might even want to inquire about our "Web-in-a-Week" offering, a cost-effective for web owners who are willing to be extremely responsive over the week needed for development. Many smaller sites are suitable for this arrangement.

For larger projects, we will ask for more formal project management. We will need a knowledgeable decision-maker to be available for regular status meetings (which can be by phone) and to answer questions in a timely way.

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syellow.gif (1202 bytes)What is success?

Success is when your website meets or exceeds the expectations that are articulated during our consulting session(s). In addition, success is when we meet your expectations in delivering on time, communicating clearly ("no surprises"), and staying within the budget.

Success is when you would be happy to recommend us to a friend or colleague.

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syellow.gif (1202 bytes)Are you a potential client?

The first step in our process is to use our WebConsult service, which has a money-back guarantee if it doesn't satisfy you. We can usually tell, in an initial phone call, if you are a potential client for that service. If you haven't yet seen it, look at the "Are you a potential client" section of the WebConsult service. So, all potential clients have been WebConsult clients, but the reverse is not true. That is, some of our WebConsult clients are not potential clients for our WebWorks service.

You ARE a potential WebWorks client if:

Note: Unlike most web developers, we are willing to develop your site using free websites and tools, if our WebConsult session shows that to be appropriate. This is often the case for small nonprofit and family or personal sites.

You probably ARE NOT a potential WebWorks client if:

Generally, we develop websites for independents and not for brokers or agents. If you are a broker or agent, our WebConsult session will determine whether you might be an exception. An exception might be where you are the sole reseller for a small independent firm that has no website of its own.

What we do | How we work with you | What is success? | Are you a potential client? | Location | Top

syellow.gif (1202 bytes)Location

Alice's WebWorks is a service of Alice's Enterprises, located in Marlborough, Massachusetts. We serve the Boston area, Metrowest, and southern New Hampshire. However, we have had clients on Cape Cod, New York, and California so please call if you might be interested in service in your area. Our WebConsult session is usually done in person. However, for some clients, we do web development without meeting in person, as long as we establish effective and timely phone and Internet-facilitated communication.

Please call us at 1.508.481.9094 for a FREE initial consultation
(friendly, informative, no obligation)
or, fill out our short Information Request Form so we can contact you.

What we do | How we work with you | What is success? | Are you a potential client? | Location | Top

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